Video Of 14 Panda Cubs In Chengdu? Sure, Why Not

The Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding in Sichuan province showed off 14 panda cubs on Monday. This BBC video calls the cubs “far more valuable than gold.” They also happen to be very cute.

The biggest is nearly 4 kilograms, while the smallest is 700 grams.

Here’s a picture via Xinhua:

Baby pandas in Chengdu

    One Response to “Video Of 14 Panda Cubs In Chengdu? Sure, Why Not”

    1. terroir

      Pandas live a life of servitude. They are indentured servants to be cooed and pawed at for the rest of their lives.

      They are slaves to the dollar as females are strapped down and forcibly impregnated to churn out more cubs that are “more valuable than gold” as their natural habitats fritters away, ensuring that they remain an endangered species (read: super valuable).

      We made them like this. So enjoy the cuddly cubs.


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