Fists Fly At Stone Forest In Kunming

At the start of this video, the man behind the camera says, “Just like Chinese people, to fight over pictures.”

But just over pictures? Or is this an expression of a deeper discontent, a deformity of neither behavior nor genetics but something more fundamental and universal?

This was recorded at Stone Forest Geological Park in Kunming, Yunnan province during the now-concluded Golden Week.

Stone Forest is among the most popular domestic travel destinations in the country, which means of course scuffles would break out. It’s tough enough dealing with millions of people on a daily basis; when it happens during travel season, a time of ostensible leisure, perhaps people are reminded of their irredeemable smallness, or the head-splitting pressures imposed by a world that stops turning only when you’re dead. Upon this epiphany, who wouldn’t lash out at his fellow man?

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