Beijing Traffic: A Bus Fucks Up Everything

Traffic at Chunxiu Lu by Alicia

Chunxiu Lu and Dongzhimen Wai, Wednesday evening. As described by Alicia:

Bus I am on is at the stoplight going straight. Bus 515 going north on Chunxiu Lu can’t continue because it’s redlight for it. A sedan on the east side of 515 is trying to turn left but can’t because another car turning left to go north on Chunxiu Lu from Dongzhimen Wai is blocking it. Obviously all the cars trying to go west on Dongzhimen Wai are blocked. Grrrrrrrrr

Grr indeed.

Beijing Traffic is an ongoing series dedicated to the Chinese capital’s perpetual and eternal gridlock. Got pics of horrible, frightening, maddening traffic? Send em here. Remember, there are no road rules in China, only magic.

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