Laowai Comics: Expats Who Don’t Get Out A Lot

Laowai Comics

Laowai Comics is a biweekly webcomic. Beijing Cream is proud to debut its Thursday comic every week. Full archives here.

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(Monday’s comic)

    24 Responses to “Laowai Comics: Expats Who Don’t Get Out A Lot”

    1. name

      did you fill the black area with your pen? that would impress me. because your comics do not. but at least they are not as awkward as they used to be. so, congrats.

    2. qwerty

      Wow! What an exciting and active life you lead…. you sir, are an inspiration to us all. You clearly know that life is worth living and you are living your’s to the fullest.

      Just kidding, noob. Your comics are horrible. I pity you and I am so glad that I live in Beijing where there these types of things don’t happen. I cannot relate to you because your life is terrible.

      • u suk

        Color me surprised… a Beijing expat with a smug superiority complex? Enjoy your smog and your wonderfurr big city life, champ.

      • Wade

        “I pity you and I am so glad that I live in Beijing where there these types of things don’t happen.”

        So you think Beijing expats don’t hang out with Chinese people? Not surprising.

        “I cannot relate to you because your life is terrible.”

        Seriously, you think hanging out with friends, going to a museum, exercising, eating good food, going on a date with a girlfriend, sleeping with a woman, and playing basketball are signs of a terrible life? Yes, you must be one of those guys on the bar stools.

      • LCG

        Not all my strips are directly autobiographic, my dear number 1 fan. I’m sure you’ve read my whole body of work, dedicated as you are, and seen that the most recurring character (in 80% of the strips, probably) is a fella with glasses, and hairstyle really unlike the one of our current protagonist. He makes/I make a cameo in the Friday night dinner. Seen?

        Anyway… my life is great, thanks for asking. Everything’s in place now. How’s yours, my beloved number 1 fan?

        • Professional Illustrator

          I must admit, I was just as confused as bag-o-dicks. Your ‘other character’ looks exactly like your main character except with a beard and without glasses. I thought he had just forgotten to shave and bought contacts.

          This is a shortcoming in your character design. Matt Groening said it best: Make your characters identifiable by silhouette. Challenge yourself to use different shapes and body types when drawing new characters. You may also want to consider drawing the structure of each character as lines and circles first, then add the details. It will really tighten them up. Here is a nice tutorial for character design:

          I’ve been cartooning for over a decade now and I still dig up things like this to keep my design fresh.

    3. LCG=ass

      LCG’s comic in words: “I’m LCG, I’m so not like those laowais. Please don’t mistake me for those! I play pool like a native. I ride the bus like a native. I eat with chopsticks like a native. I meet my Chinese buddy couple like a native. I go to the provincial museum like a native. I kiss some ass like a native. I eat more stuff with chopsticks like a native. But in case you think I’m a nerd I also lift weights like a native and I carry a Li Ning bag, not stupid western Nike, like a native. I then eat at a western restaurant with a chick but we use cutlery because I’m woo-ing here with my foreignness. Yes, more wine. Oh, and let me buy you a ticket to Titanic 3D. Little more expensive than a native, but hey, getting laid now. I go shopping like native. I play basketball like a native in a douchebag LA Lakers jersey like a native. I then think to myself, I’m so hip and cool, let’s see if I can find some people I can look down on. I’m clearly a douchebag in his late twenties, early thirties so let’s go into this bar and sit with these two older guys who are even uglier than I am. Admire me! Admire how hip I am.”

    4. Chinese Netizen

      This reminds me of the stupid/oft debated topic of “how many Chinese friends do you have?” (Not counting the bullpen of shagees)

    5. Jimbo Jones

      ITT: a bunch of butthurt cocksnakes.

      I love that every LC brings out these wankless dicksicles.

      Keep on keeping on LCG!

      • Med

        You’re damn right. Like I said so many times, it’s compulsive, they need to bash him. Don’t know why, don’t want to know… Just let them bash.

    6. Jonathan Alpart

      ITT: Expats who don’t get out a lot

      btw I know it’s hard to resist, but LCG I suggest you just stop feeding the trolls with comments. they do themselves in fine enough on their own but what they write about you and your work.

      and when is bag-o-dicks’ comic coming out? I really can’t wait to see that!

    7. jive madra

      Ah, the internet. Full of polite people,who display such wonderful manners. It seems like there is a core group of people who genuinely love to hate laowai comics. no idea as to their handles, or if its even the same people, but there is always a few Anons who just despise everything about laowai comics and tell all and sundry about it!

    8. mike

      Not sure what the point was, but, um… yeah there’s definitely something here… So the fat guy at the bar with hairy arms… he doesn’t get out much? Whatever. Enjoy the 蛋炒饭.

    9. bag-o-dicks

      Actually, I’ve changed my mind. If having your feelings hurt motivates you to do something creative then go for it! Better to do something your own way and give it your all rather than trying to be like someone else.

      It’s like Steve Coogan said recently. In these cynical times “love” is a four-letter word! So you’re a sensitive guy, what of it? Don’t deny your feelings; own them.

    10. jixiang

      LCG, I would like to give you a suggestion.

      I think your comics are good representations of the life of a certain kind of young Westerner in China. I actually identify with some of them.

      At the same time, they just really aren’t that funny. They are true, but not funny. That’s where you need to improve.

    11. sack-o-cocks

      These comics are as painfully bad as the Emily Ford ‘foreigner in Shanghai’ articles used to be, in the Shanghai Daily.


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