Amazing Photographs from World Record Breaking “Great Ride of China”


The longest journey by motorcycle in a single country is 33,357.15 km (20,727.13 miles) and was achieved by Buck Perley (USA) and Amy Mathieson (UK) who rode throughout China from 19 July to 11 December 2013.

The journey took Buck and Amy 146 days and through each of China’s provinces on a CFMOTO 650-TK motorcycle. The duo, a couple, also raised more than $10,000 in contributions to the Free Lunch for Children charity.

I would write more about their journey, but they have a great blog that includes some great pictures from their journey. See some highlights from their trip including their stories of beginning their journey in Beijing, crashing in Heilongjiang, getting caught in a sandstorm at the lowest place on earth, and traveling up Everest.

Photos: Amy Mathieson’s Flickr
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Donate to Free Lunch for Children in honor of their achievement

    5 Responses to “Amazing Photographs from World Record Breaking “Great Ride of China””

    1. SinoSoul

      is there some insane reason why a Hangzhou motorcycle company wouldn’t hire some homegrown motorcycle riders who can use weibo and take pictures with their iphone5?

    2. Amy

      If all they were looking for was someone to ride their bike around China and take pretty pictures, I’m sure that’s what they would have done.

      As it is we approached them, not the other way around. I guess they liked our pitch and saw the opportunities as they are a) already starting to break into the international market and b) liked the idea of a Guinness world record attached to their bike. Also, Chinese riders are not fond of buying Chinese bikes, so maybe that was another reason to have foreigners do it.

      We did updates regularly on Weibo, a bunch of Chinese motorcycle forums and our blog which is bilingual.


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