“Lust, Caution” Star Tang Wei Swindled Out Of 210,000 RMB In Phone Scam [UPDATE]

Tang Wei

Tang Wei, 34, the leading actress in Ang Lee’s 2007 soft-core porno Lust, Caution, was reportedly swindled out of 210,000 yuan in a telecom fraud on Friday afternoon. Some netizens have ridiculed her for being a “pure girl,” according to Hug China, but let’s not take credit away from the swindlers. Getting such big bucks out of a movie star deserves a lifetime achievement award. Nigerian princes, the ante’s been raised.

Hug China with this info via Xinmin Net:

Tang Wei was filming in Songjiang, Shanghai. The money was cheated out of her bank account after she received a call yesterday afternoon. She reported the case to police as soon as she was aware that it was a fraud.

After the telecom fraud, Tang Wei was spotted going to a Bank of Communication outlet and she was confirmed by an employee of the bank to have opened a new bank account there.

We wonder what message she received. Did the swindler pretend to be the State Administration of Radio Film and Television and threaten to bring back the media ban on her? “In March 2008, [SARFT] ordered a media ban citing Tang’s performance of sexual acts in Lust, Caution,” Hug China reminds us.

If an unknown person asks you to transfer money into his or her bank account, don’t do it.

Even as smart as sexy ‘Lust Caution’ actress Tang Wei could be defrauded… (Hug China)

UPDATE, 1/14, 11:59 pm: Here’s the scam that did her in.

    3 Responses to ““Lust, Caution” Star Tang Wei Swindled Out Of 210,000 RMB In Phone Scam [UPDATE]”

      • Anthony Tao

        Ha, I think we can agree it goes a bit beyond nipples.

        But leaving aside critical nitpicking of Tang Wei’s performance (not in the sex scenes; she was astounding in those), it’s a fine movie, a recommended watch.

    1. benji

      1.) Her naivety is astounding, I shall try peddle her the Tower of London, then the Eiffel tower, followed by the pyramids. The Great Wall of China and Tian Anmen would be too suspicious, and even she might smell a fish.
      2.) The absolute abuse of the state and its apparatus is overwhelming. i.e. its a fact that the various agencies and their connected masters are the new emperors of the nation, including the infamous Chenguan, wielding absolute abusive authorities (because they can) over the proletariat, and simply uttering the “you know who I am connected to” phraseology. As such, the very existence of the foregoing would scare the pants off someone like Tang, who was black balled for a period apparently for refusing to bed some big shot central big wig, and cold storaged from acting opportunities for a few years.


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