At Least One Foreigner Stabbed Again In Sanlitun This Week

Sanlitun stabbing 2

Some breaking news here (in that it happened three days ago and we’ve only just learned about it): a foreign man has been hospitalized and another injured following a stabbing around Sanlitun Bar Street in the early morning of Tuesday, February 25. Information is scant.

The news was first posted at 4:32 am by a man claiming to be an employee of the Village edition of Starbucks, and he sounded pretty shaken up about it.

“How scary Sanlitun is at night!” wrote @小红鞋爱TATTO. “I went to the fried chicken vendor [known to long-term expats as the ‘African Embassy’] for a bowl of noodles and there were two blacks stabbed to death, right next to me.”

Sources in the African community suggest only one of the stabbings may have been fatal. “It wasn’t one of ours,” one Nigerian, who prefers to remain nameless, told BJC. The source suggested the victim was Gambian and worked at the actual embassy. (We recommend exercising skepticism.)

The post continues:

“Blood everywhere. How terrifying! I’ll never go out to eat at night, God knows I might die on the way someday. Colleagues, be careful! Black bros, rest in peace. I hope they weren’t killed.”

Second that last part.

Beijing News report has more, including a statement from a shop owner called Wang, who says he “saw a black man lying on the ground ‘with his intestines out.’” Sounds pretty bad, but now he’s fine apparently: the reporter claims that the victim was quickly treated at the PLA hospital nearby and “had no life-threatening danger.” His friend, known only as “Richard,” told the reporter he had no idea what that was all about.

As for the attacker: he looked “kinda like a foreigner but kinda like a Chinese,” according to one waiter who saw the whole thing. We won’t speculate on the possible reasons for the altercation, but the area is known for trades other than chicken and beer.

It’s also worth reiterating that, for all its hectic nature, Sanlitun is not that dangerous, usually. In 2012, so far as we know, no one died. In 2011, no one died (there was a rapist though. He’s still at large). In 2010, someone died, in shocking circumstances, but it was covered up, so that’s OK (details here, and more stab-happy folk here). In 2009, no one died. In 2013, more people allegedly got gang raped. We could go on…

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      Xinjiang vs. Nigerian drug dealer throwdown. Fuck all this euro pill and coke nonsense, let’s get some decent buds up in here.


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