The Tao of Erotic Literature, Pandas [UPDATE]


Anthony Tao is Editor in Chief of Beijing Cream and a freelance writer/poet. He’ll be heading to Shanghai to take part in the 4th Annual That’s Shanghai Erotic Fiction Competition as part of Shanghai’s (C)litfest.

So Anthony, I hear you’re going to down to Shanghai to be a part of the That’s Shanghai Erotic Fiction Competition at Litfest?

I’m guessing I’ll be in Shanghai by the time this post is up. If you’re not doing anything tonight — assuming it’s Friday; if not, carry on — swing by Glamour Bar on the Bund at 7 pm for some free erotic literature. It’s like erotic massage, but less messy.

What inspired you to do that?

I wrote erotic lit to have an excuse to go to Shanghai.

Nah, just kidding, I write a lot of erotic lit for the hell of it.

Give us a little taste of your story. What’s the general plot?

I don’t want to reveal too much about my story, “The Biwalkers,” except to say that it very much intends to implicate the reader while everting the premise of a certain type of sexual predator who believes in “the hunt.” You’d know what I mean if you’ve ever been to a whisky bar or any watering hole frequented by consultants.

Also, the story was inspired by pandas.

There’s a rich history of erotic lit in China. Do you tie into this tradition in your own work at all?


Is doing a show of erotic material at all sensitive in China? How sensitive?

I’m going to eschew the easy joke here to say that there is a fair amount of symbolic desecration in The Biwalkers, and I’m very much looking forward to the audience’s reaction.

Tell us a bit about the event?

That’s Shanghai can explain.

Is your erotic fiction autobiographical?

God no!


What are the strongest adjective and verb colors in your sexual fiction palette?

Amethystine and rouge.

Is it weird that there’s a whole interview with you on a site you run promoting your own work?

What are you talking about? You said this was for TimeOut.

UPDATE, 3/11, 11 am: I lost a rock-paper-scissor contest for the right to be declared winner — and take home a prize vibrator. –Tao

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    1. bag o dicks

      I’m Editor in Chief of the Laowai Comics comments and a freelance poet.

      I’ve written this erotic poem to mark the occasion. It took a lot out of me!

      “Nice legs”
      I said
      To her
      “What time can I do sex between them?”


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