Pandas In Yunnan Zoo Watch TV As Treatment For Melancholy [UPDATE]

Yunnan Wild Animal Park panda TV

What’s your cure for pain? If you say television, you’re sadder than sad can be. But if you say television and you’re a giant panda, you must live in the plushy confines of Yunnan Wild Animal Park. Check out the smirk on that ursine flaneur!

Via Xinhua, pandas at the aforementioned zoo watch TV to relax and kick away the blues. Three pandas from Chengdu’s famous Wolong Panda Reserve — survivors of the devastating 2008 Wenchuan Earthquake — reportedly call this Kunming zoo home.

No word on which channel is the porn and whether it’s blurred out like it was on certain three-digit TV channels of our youth, forcing them to masturbate to the sound of sex and forever upsetting the delicate sensory balance of perceiving eroticism.

(H/T Chris Buckley)

POSTSCRIPT: Cure for Pain:


UPDATE, 4/28, 6:36 pm: Good news: at least one of the pandas is no longer depressed. Via Xinhua:

In a bid to cheer her up, keepers at the reserve let her watch TV and built a swing for her to play on. The return of Si Jia’s appetite was a good sign that their hard work had paid off.

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