Top-of-the-Week Links: Sina apologizes for porn, Beijing Film Festival winners, and stray dogs buried alive?

1600 pandas in Hong Kong
“AllRightsReserved has brought 1600 panda sculptures to Hong Kong for a month-long exhibition to celebrate the opening of PMQ, and as part of the government’s ‘Conserving Central’ initiative,” via Campaign

Sigh, links.

Gross if true. “Reports of stray dogs being buried alive in north China have caused a furore online with thousands of posts slamming an ‘inhumane’ and ‘shameful’ act. // A post on Sina Weibo has appealed for help after scores of stray dogs are seen trapped in a pit near a garbage dump in Alxa Left Banner in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region.” (Shanghai Daily)

Nice security, Australia. “The Chinese intelligence agencies that penetrated Australia’s parliamentary computer network in 2011 may have been inside the system for up to a year and had access to documents and emails that reveal the political, professional and social links across the political world, according to seven sources with knowledge of the breach.” (The Age)

The Big Bang Theory, The Good Wife, NCIS, The Practice all removed from Chinese streaming sites. “Last Friday, the State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television (SAPPRFT) ordered the above-mentioned 4 US TV shows to be taken off streaming sites, in proceeding with new regulations that aimed at closing loopholes that allowed foreign shows to thrive on the Chinese Internet. From now, all foreign TV shows need to be ‘approved’ before being aired online, which subjects streaming websites to the same censors as China’s conventional TV stations.” (Offbeat China)

Apologizing for porn, still stripped. “Sina Corporation, owner of one of China’s most visited websites, is sorry. Very sorry. So sorry, in fact, that it has apologized not once but twice to its readers and the national antipornography office, which last week found that lewd material had made its way onto the Sina site.” (Sinosphere)

Corollary: “China is going after Japanese porn stars on Weibo.” (That’s Online)

Uri Tours brought in a guy who wanted to leave the US. This is not how you leave the US. “Matthew Todd Miller was detained by North Korean officials for his “rash behavior” while going through customs at the Pyongyang airport on April 10, the North’s state-run news media said Friday. North Korea accused him of tearing up his tourist visa and demanding asylum.” (NY Times)

Expat doing journalism in China. “Yet three years after I graduated, I sold out to the Chinese government. Cheaply. I didn’t realise the ink was dry on the bill of sale until well after I’d collected my booby prize: a free 10-day trip to the country’s northwest corner, Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region. Don’t let the prefix ‘autonomous’ mislead, the place is anything but. Actually, ‘free 10-day trip’ is also a bit of a misnomer. It was more a whirlwind frog-march through China’s far-west development. The trip was arranged by China Intercontinental Press, a subsidiary of China’s State Council Information Office, henceforth referred to as ‘my censors.’” (Leslie Anne Jones, Aeon Magazine)

“Do You Want To Be My Boyfriend” — Frozen parody – interlude:


We’ll be putting up a podcast of Writers and Rum later this week, but until now, read “Big in Beijing.” (Carlos Ottery, the Anthill)

Beijing Film Festival results. (The Hollywood Reporter)

“Why China’s Government Is Scared of Rumors in One Video.” (WSJ)

“Cute or creepy? Man photoshops self into girlfriend’s childhood photos.” (That’s Online)

“Sichuan man throws 10,000 yuan in cash from top of 30m bridge.” (Shanghaiist)

Woman kills 1,000 flies a day. (Daily Mail)

“3 held after gang intimidated motorist into buying ‘tiger paw.’” (Shanghai Daily)

“No Ovens? No Problem. Martha Stewart Plots China Cupcake Revolution.” (WSJ)

Finally, finally…

Via the Beijinger, “Yellow Peril: 79 Percent of Beijingers Fine with Children Urinating in Public”:
Toddler peeing into trainer urinal

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