Is This Gutter Oil Being Scooped From A Shanghai Alley?

Disclaimer: We can’t be certain this oil being extracted from a gutter in Shanghai’s Tianzifang, a trendy “historic district” filled with kitschy shops and overpriced restaurants and bars, will be used on hotplates and woks and pans. But it sure is possible, isn’t it?

Sing their praises: Jiiiiianbing. Guaaaanbing. Shen jian bao! Tian youtiao! GIMMAY GIMMAY GIMMAYYYY.

All hail the fried Chinese goodies that we know and love. I’m a fearless street foodie, but watching this process of gutter oil being extracted from a storm drain is enough to dissuade my addiction.

Love, peace, and sewage-grease kisses from cosmopolitan Shanghai!

Danielle Sumita shot this video. She is the brains behind our Sindicator video series.

    3 Responses to “Is This Gutter Oil Being Scooped From A Shanghai Alley?”

    1. Owain Lloyd-Williams

      I used to see exactly the same thing coming back home at night just outside a large eatery near where I lived. Got a glimpse of the guy doing it once and it turned out he was one of the bosses of my then-favourite BBQ/盖饭 place. Yay.


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