Nanjing Youth Olympics Mascot Is Psychedelic, Phallic And Terrifying

Nanjing 2014 Youth Olympics mascot

Time to meet the official Nanjing 2014 Youth Olympics mascot – Nanjing LeLe, the meaty-tongued phallus.

According to the organizers of this August event, one of his favorite foods is duck blood and vermicelli soup, he’s a Sagittarius with Type O blood, and his least favorite thing to do is “play alone.”

From the Youth Olympic’s Website:

The mascot of Nanjing 2014 “NANJINGLELE” derives from a prestigious specialty of the host city, known as the “riverstone.” The graphic design of the mascot takes an imitation of the typical shape and appearance of this stone but in a creative and artistic way in purpose of catering to the youth’s taste, and meanwhile, highlights the colors from the emblem’s palette to achieve good congruity with the other brand elements.

Leaves me to wonder how foul China’s rivers have to be to birth four-limbed, tie-dyed stones. And If this does seriously cater to the “youth’s tastes,” I’d say our future is pretty seriously fucked.


Nanjing Youth Olympics mascot with gun

God save us all. This is why background checks on firearms should be mandatory. Who in their right mind would give a shotgun to this speed freak? Just look at those electric eyes and that meth mouth, not a single tooth saved from rot. My guess is he’s looking to crank up some Skynyrd and beat down the stepkids. This is one scary sausage.

And here he (it?) is with his trusted steed and six-shooter, off to the Kashgar Corral. I’m your Huckleberry:

Nanjing Youth Olympics mascot 3

B&E Lele. Fu’erdai, check your Ferraris. He’s up to nefarious shit with this crowbar:

Nanjing Youth Olympics mascot 4


Nanjing Youth Olympics mascot 5

On his Special Schwinn:

Nanjing Youth Olympics mascot 6

His Heisman trophy better be sequined:

Nanjing Youth Olympics mascot 7

Nanjing is the host city of the International Olympic Committee’s Second Summer Youth Olympic Games, August 16-28. The slogan is “Share the Games, Share our Dreams, Share the LSD.”

    5 Responses to “Nanjing Youth Olympics Mascot Is Psychedelic, Phallic And Terrifying”

    1. Chinese Netizen

      Gotta wonder how many billions were spent on these “games” and how many hundreds of millions lined the pockets of Nanjing & Jiangsu officials?

      These “games” in China are always ripe for ripoff.

    2. Jess

      Is that what penises are supposed to look like? Hum. I might have to conduct further research on this matter…

    3. Owain Lloyd-Williams

      Looks as if they’ve hired Nintendo to come up with a psychedelic Pokemon-esque mascot, only the designers have taken full advantage to ensure it looks as ridiculously bizarre as possible. In Nanjing as well. the bloody nerve.


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