Shitty Transformers 4 Becomes China’s Highest Grossing Movie Of All Time


Called “the stupidest movie of the year” and “one of the most atrocious movies I have ever seen in my life” — so bad that even Peter Travers, a man who loved King Kong, urged viewers to not watch it – Transformers: Age of Extinction just might be the frontrunner for worst movie of the year. Funny thing: it’s also the frontrunner for highest grossing movie of the year, after Chinese audiences just made this film the No. 1 movie in China of all time.

That’s right, move aside, Avatar and James Cameron, because Michael Bay’s fourth Transformers film has just surpassed you. Via The Hollywood Reporter:

After only 10 days in release, Paramount’s Transformers: Age of Extinction has become the top-grossing movie of all time in China with $222.7 million in ticket sales, eclipsing the $221.9 million grossed by James Cameron’s Avatar. The 3D tentpole achieved the milestone over the weekend.

I have not and will not be watching this film unless I’m black-out drunk and ensured of not remembering any of it, but a friend that did see it recently watch raved (is that the right word?) about the “fellatio” of Chinese products. Apparently China Construction Bank now has ATMs in Texas?

As Quartz points out:

A co-production between Paramount and Chinese studios, the film includes Chinese actors and Chinese product placements, from Lenovo computers to Yili milk and some of China’s largest banks.

The box-office success of such an epic cinematic failure makes us think though: there just might be hope yet for Empires of the Deep.

China Box Office: ‘Transformers: Age of Extinction’ Is No. 1 Film of All Time (The Hollywood Reporter)

    2 Responses to “Shitty Transformers 4 Becomes China’s Highest Grossing Movie Of All Time”

    1. Jonathan Chan

      Crazy product placement. What surprised me most was the display of yili milk in hong kong. Last i recalled, people were smuggling milk from hong kong into china. The day yili is sold in hong kong is the day pigs fly.

    2. PSofosNextGen

      But the shittiest of all was Avatar for sort . Wake up !

      TF4 aside from the foolish critics was F*** amazing and opens an all new world of TF universe . Give me a break . The haters just came out and saw the movie from the first ;)


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