An Update On Beijing Cream

Dear BJC Readers,

Some of you have rightly wondered what’s happened to the Cream – no thrice-weekly links, no videos of stupid people falling out of buildings, no reminders that traffic violations can (hilariously, tragically) happen, etc. What’s going on? The simple answer is, after taking a summer break, we’ve decided that the landscape of the English-language “Chinese” Internet has become both wearily homogenized and sufficiently pluralistic for us to take a step sideways. It’s transition time.

There are now more sites than ever offering news aggregation, some fallen heroes (as usual), and more “niche” sites providing authentic news from across the Chinese diaspora. How to remain original and amusing, while not churning out five posts a day (yes, we have actual livelihoods to manage), is the question. And we’re still figuring it out, so if you’re still with us, we thank and salute you.

The vague plan is to keep providing regular columns like Beige Wind’s Dispatches from Xinjiang while doubling down on fresh, occasionally irreverent content you won’t find elsewhere. Whether that be longform treatment of non-mainstream subjects or rants and raves, we’ll be keeping a bemused eye on the people and events that make Beijing what it is, from its ever-revolving foreign press corps to its ambitious, Quixotic entrepreneurs and politicians to its coteries of hilarious and tragic personalities. We’d also like to do more events — fiction, poetrybeer-drinking? etc. — information of which will be duly posted.

What does that mean for you, reader? Nothing really. Please continue following us on Twitter and Facebook, and swing by the comment section now and then to let us know what you think (your feedback, while sometimes exasperating, has more often been honest and constructive, and we’ll humor the intermittent troll as long as this continues to be the case). As always, we ask for nothing and expect nothing in return. Anything we receive exceeding that will be humbly appreciated.

p.s. We are always open to story ideas, pitches, and inquiries. Get in touch at

    9 Responses to “An Update On Beijing Cream”

    1. Jonathan Alpart

      BJC is at its best with the kind of in-depth columns as provided by Beige Wind and the occasional contributor, and the fearless, biting satire taking down Beijing personalities and institutions. There may now be “more sites than ever,” but that’s just called competition. I visit BJC because it is, or was, the best. The news updates and blurbs (the majority of the blog’s content) are always important, succinct and pointed.

      IMHO, the things bringing BJC down are:

      1) The unregulated comment system. You don’t need to moderate (because, let’s face it, the trolls are both the best and worst part of this blog) but for the love of Satan please at least implement a comment voting system so users can decide whether or not someone slamming LCG again is worth reading or not.

      2) Stretching yourself too thin with lame content. I can’t be the only one here who doesn’t give a rat’s ass about laowai poetry nights and the like. Instead of spending so much of your time promoting the events around town that you (Tao) personally enjoy, instead investigate what your readers may enjoy and focus on those.

    2. Owain Lloyd-Williams

      Thanks for the update – I was indeed getting ponderous. Still, keep at at. I keep tabs on as many China news aggregator/commentary sites as the “China” folder on my bookmarks allows me contain before blocking my entire screen with the drop down after it’s clicked, and Beijing Cream, with its fine cocktail of aforementioned biting satire, arts coverage (poetry nights firmly included) and penchant for lyrical prose in its articles, strikes a fine balance for me. Objectively of course, as I used to work for one of these China news sites and came across my fair share of tripe.

    3. Sarah

      Good luck with your transition! I always loved your Beijing-specific posts (otherwise, ug, I’d be reading Shanghaiist), poetry included. While I’ve trimmed other blogs from my feedly, Beijing Cream has always remained since you guys offered something unique. Keep up the music posts too!

    4. Helena

      well you have been missed! “we’ve decided that the landscape of the English-language “Chinese” Internet has become both wearily homogenized and sufficiently pluralistic for us to take a step sideways” but you did it so well!! :)looking forward to regular posts (of some kind) soon :)

    5. Chinese Netizen

      Please, more posts on wacky, fun loving expats doing such off the wall, insane things as getting drunk and riding the Beijing subway on Halloween!
      Hee f-ing lar ee us!

    6. WTO

      I’ve always enjoyed your website. I find myself always coming here no matter what the other sites might have on their front page.

    7. john

      Interesting. I think tha maybe you guys have spread yourself too thin in your coverage. Your in depth analysis of certain issues carries strong weight in informing people who dont have VPN’s and is a good tool of media access for contemporary chinese issues, society, and politics. Thanks again.

    8. [CRAZY PERSON/TROLL] Cuntasaurus Rex

      You are a bunch of expat slating cunts who produce slander in return for web views. I hope you fuck off and shut down for good.


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