C4, Eps.134-135: Shaolin Temple Travel Diary

With his co-host in England for the month, the news comedy show C4s Stuart Wiggin took a trip to the Shaolin Temple and returned with a travel diary that has gone viral in China. Why? There’s an interesting story here…

Luo Yonghao, the creator of the Smartisan phone who first rose to fame through English schools, recently posted on Sina Weibo a picture of a Japanese soy sauce pot, complimenting the Japanese on their attention to even small things.

As you might expect, some of the comments were positive, while some were not. And then — to illustrate how much attention the Chinese give to seemingly insignificant objects – someone posted a screenshot of this C4 episode in which Wiggin pretends to confuse a rubbish bin for a valuable ancient carving:

C4 Stuart Wiggin at Shaolin Temple viral

“And then my weibo account blew up and the show started to circulate,” Wiggin said via email. “Needless to say, some people think I actually legitimately didn’t know it was a bin. Obviously don’t get the idea of scripted comedy.”

Should’ve gone with that crosstalk skit.

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Part 2:

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    One Response to “C4, Eps.134-135: Shaolin Temple Travel Diary”

    1. Justin

      It’s nice to see Stu solo. I’m biased but I used to labor at CRI and while my feelings about his C4 partner are, well, not pleasant I always enjoyed Stu’s wit and intelligence and it was on full display here.
      And a bonus cameo of Wil Wang snoozing on the bus through the kung fu lollapalooza. What could be better? Thanks for posting it.


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