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Laowai Comics

Laowai Comics is a periodic webcomic. Beijing Cream is proud to debut its Thursday comic every week. Previous Laowai Comics here.

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    19 Responses to “Laowai Comics: Wait A Moment”

    1. some gayjing expat fucktard

      wot? that sucks! the bloody laowei comic’s guy should kill himsefl!

      and why is the Mandarin not sub-title?

    2. jixiang

      Yeah, again this is not witty and not amusing. Plus I wouldn’t say that the Chinese are really that likely to put something off when they say “shao deng yihuir”. You should see what happens when they say “en un rato” in South America.

        • jixiang

          At least my blog is not a comic, and it’s not supposed to necessarily be witty or amusing.

          But you know what? Your habit of coming to the comments section and insulting people who criticize your comics just makes you look like a loser.

          It would look a lot better if you appeared to be above what people write. Just giving you a suggestion here.

    3. Hmm

      It’s a badly drawn piece of shit. Translation or no. It’s crap. A waste of space. Why does this site insist upon issuing it every week. If the editor were receiving this feedback, he’d be gone, surely. I don’t understand. Can the editor explain? It’s not funny, it’s often racist, it always stinks. What gives? Just who’s little cock is this amateur scribbler pulling on? Who is he so lovingly gobbling off to deserve this air time? Mystifying.

    4. King Tubby

      All you negative types above. Get real.
      There is something worse than this …um…comic, and that’s Jonathon Alpart’s videos of those totally crap Chinese codpiece rock bands.

    5. HePing

      I think I dislike these comics mostly because they are hateful and racist. However, I also dislike them because they are very badly drawn. But I also realise that the creator of these works is probably a bitterly disappointed English Teacher living in one of the grubbier quarters of town. Which makes me feel a little sorry for him. Perhaps its his his slow realisation that the “China Dream” wont be available to everyone?

    6. HePing

      Dear LaoWai Comic fellow,

      Thank you

      Thank you, for making this your last comic….

      I wouldn’t be so presumptuous to speak on behalf of everyone who has seen your comics, but, I would like to thank you personally none-the-less.

      I think you have made the right decision to stop with these awful expressions of personal angst.

      This gives you a wonderful opportunity to “write a line under” (I think, as you americans say?) and move on.

      I (and many others) appreciate your verve and hope that you are able to focus your creative spirit towards more collaborative and inclusive pursuits in the future.

      I apologise if I have given the impression that I though you were racist in the past (through past posts) . I am sure that this was caused by a misunderstanding of your “comics?. (surely you cant be THAT RACIST!!!!) I am, after-all not a fully competent speaker of the English (language) (my apologies).

      I (and, I am sure many others) wish you all the best in your future endeavours…..

      ” 加油 ” (etc..)


      • Eleven Jeenping

        Stop speaking farts.

        I personally sent LAOWEICOMIXGUY to the countryside to learn from the nongs. I assure you he will be back with more comics in the future.

    7. Tommy Longers

      I really think this comic is painfully unfunny, but I have to say it does present me with a unique chance to have a mini-rant about 稍等一会儿. Ok, every waitress in China, here’s the thing. When I explained the problem to you, saying 稍等一会儿 doesn’t answer anything or solve anything. And I know you’re going to walk away and not do anything because this restaurant is awesome and you’re super busy.

      And as for you, lady at the bank, telling me to 稍等一会儿 three times before finally telling me that the person I’m waiting for is out at lunch just proves what a redundant and infuriating phrase it is. How about you tell me the lunch thing first?!

      Finally, to anyone else who thinks that saying 稍等一会儿 is okay…No…it isn’t. Please tell me what it is you are going to do next so I’m not sitting there like a tard wondering what is going on, when something will happen and when the issue will be resolved.

      God, I’m such a hopeless laowai, I know, but seriously…that phrase just pisses me off!

    8. GFY

      I’m sorry this comic is gone because I think it’s great! I feel sorry for all the haters in the comments section.


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