Flowers in Sanlitun

Explanation here.

Here is what we all should do: Tomorrow, take a little time out of your day and go leave flowers and/or positive messages on the ground where it happened. We have to change the mentality here, enough with this “If I help, I’ll get in trouble” or “China doesn’t value people’s life” excuses. You can be black, white, yellow red or blue it doesn’t matter, bottom line is this, if you are in China YOU are CHINESE, you want to make China a better place then make it happen. 


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    1. FOARP

      Heard the local security took the flowers away there pretty quickly, hope this isn’t true. This was a sad and senseless tragedy, not least because it happened to someone who was only recently married, in a place which is familiar to a lot of us, and appears to have been motivated by hatred of foreigners.

    2. dimsumdog

      flowers are constantly being removed. flowers that were placed are gone within few hours maximum, however new ones always emerge.

    3. YangRuiMustResign


    4. YangRuiMustResign

      CCTV’s Yangrui 杨锐 Must Resign for Instigating Violence – Please post and forward widely
      Yangrui is a virulently xenophobic and anti-Semitic host of “Dialogue” for CCTV news. In May 2012, he ranted on air: “…clean out the foreign trash: To arrest foreign thugs and protect innocent girls, they need to concentrate on the disaster zones in Wudaokou and Sanlitun. Cut off the foreign snake heads. People who can’t find jobs in the U.S. and Europe come to China to grab our money, engage in human trafficking and spread deceitful lies to encourage emigration. Foreign spies seek out Chinese girls to mask their espionage and pretend to be tourists while compiling maps and GPS data for Japan, Korea and the West. We kicked out that foreign bitch [Chinese-American reporter Melissa Chan] and closed Al-Jazeera’s Beijing bureau. We should shut up those who demonize China and send them packing.” Earlier, he had written this vitriol on Sina Weibo concerning the US financial crisis: “Wall Street’s greed was not exposed because Jews control both the financial and media worlds. Why do the US media not dare to support the call for the establishment of a Palestinian state? It’s because they’re afraid of getting fired by their Jewish bosses. When I interviewed the chairman of the US Jewish Association, I questioned him on this. He snarled at me ferociously and said that in America, no one would dare to speak to him this way. He was like a mafia chief. So please stop saying how beautiful American press freedom is.”
      With the beating of a student in Wudaokou and murder in Sanlitun, Yangrui’s hate speech has tragically been translated into action in the exact locations that he proscribed for “cleaning”. The Yangrui clique’s denigration of interracial relationships may very well have been ringing in the ears of the thugs who in 2014 pulled up in a BMW and attacked an Australian student and his Korean girlfriend, thinking she was Chinese. This was part of a pattern of similar attacks.
      However brutal, these pale in comparison with the recent attack on a newlywed interracial couple in Sanlitun, resulting in serious injury for the French male victim Romain and the death of his Chinese wife Isabelle. Far from “pretending to be a tourist” and tricking innocent girls, Romain had spent 10 years in China, had excellent Mandarin, and a respect for the culture. While there are some disgusting perverts of the “sexpat memoir” variety hanging around Sanlitun, they are a small minority. Romain and Isabelle’s relationship displayed none of the ulterior motives Yangrui so ignorantly assumes of interracial couples, and by the testimony of all who knew them was full of love.

      Who has died? Not the “foreign trash”, but instead the innocent Chinese girl that Yangrui so sanctimoniously claims to protect. That this murderer of his own people continues to be employed as a state-sponsored news organization broadcasting his hateful views to the entire nation is disgusting and unacceptable. The main culprit of this attack is not some impressionable youth from Jilin, but fellow Jiliner Yangrui and his ilk. I urge all who read this to demand the resignation of Yangrui from CCTV, as he is a disgrace to the long Chinese history of tolerance and moderation. If Yangrui does not resign, in the memory of the victims please spread the word to all potential guests of his show to reject his invitations and strongly condemn his actions. For those with the capability, by any legal means try to discover if he is corrupt or is himself taking advantage of the young innocent girls over whose safety he frets.

      Is calling for the removal of Yangrui anti-China? By no means! In fact it is backwards misogynists like Yangrui who think Chinese women are their personal property who ultimately hurt China. He claims to want to protect innocent Chinese women, but really wants to keep them locked up in in traditional roles and silence their opinions. He has nothing but insults for a successful female reporter and now has instigated the death of another woman. Was China stronger during the Tang Dynasty- when China prospered from open contact with the outside world and spread its innovations for the benefit of all- or during repressive Manchu Qing rule- where progress was stagnant and ruling elites would have done a Yangrui if one of their women married a map-compiling Han male? Did China prosper when Deng Xiaoping opened up to the world and women gained a voice and free employment, or when it descended into xenophobia and chauvinism? Perhaps Yangrui is concerned less about foreign trash, and more about preserving and strengthening a male dominated power structure that has given northeastern good ‘ol boys like him a platform to spew their venom unopposed.

      For my wife and I this is personal, as we are an interracial married couple currently living in Beijing and have a number of friends who are Chinese-expat married couples. All have great, loving relationships and are by no means anti-China hanjian turncoats and GPS surveyors. Half of them are actually Chinese male/expat female couples, whose existence Yangrui conveniently disregards. Some of them already have lovely children. Does Yangrui think these children are the progeny of spies, a cancerous infiltration into the pure Han bloodline? Should their mothers politely keep their mouths shut and stick to the protected harem Yangrui proscribes for them, or be free to choose whom they wish to marry or whether or not they wish to emigrate? To locate GPS coordinates of cancer in the soul of China, Yangrui need gaze no further than his navel- an activity at which he evidently excels. All who read the English or Chinese versions of this please repost, forward, and send to anyone in the media with whom you are familiar, taking care to protect your family’s identity and safety as the Yangrui clique could result to more personal attacks, lies, and instigation of violence. Please publicize this and make an example of Yangrui by forcing his resignation.


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