And Now, A Homemade, Scaled-Down Liaoning Aircraft Carrier

Miniature Liaoning aircraft carrier
Compared to conventional present requests for chocolates, mountain bikes, red envelops stuffed with money, or even miniature Lamborghinis, this one seems the hardest to fulfill: last Spring Holiday, a boy in Qingdao, Shandong province asked his grandfather for a model Liaoning Aircraft Carrier.

Wuhan Students Demonstrate For Dignified Treatment Of China’s Sex Workers

Students in Wuhan protest Dongguan sex workers exposure
Four female students from Wuhan University in Hubei province demonstrated on February 14 to call for respect for sex workers in China. One student held up a pair of underpants as a metaphor for the Big Underpants building in Beijing, i.e. the headquarters of China Central Television (CCTV), which has been pejoratively called "CCAV" (AV being adult video) by Chinese netizens.

The Disruptive Bosoms Of Lin Chi-ling, According To “Student”

Lin Chi-ling
The mayor of Taizhou, a small city in Jiangsu province, has rejected a netizen's complaint that his mental health has been damaged by an eye-catching outdoor advert featuring the cleavage of Taiwanese model Lin Chi-ling. The netizen left his message on the government website of Taizhou city on January 10, signing it "a primary school child."

Lanzhou Workers Threaten Suicide To Claim Unpaid Wages

Six men threaten to jump off building due to unpaid wages
Confrontations over unpaid wages are common in China, especially in the run-up to the lunar new year (it falls on January 31 this year), as this is often the only time when migrant workers can return home. Many fear they'll never be paid if they leave the city while still owed money. But to get paid, some have to resort to extreme measures.

New Chinese Buzzword “Feed People Smog,” Homophone For “Serve The People,” Highlights Country’s Pollution Problem

REUTERS/Carlos Barria
Shanghai, China’s financial hub, appears determined to compete with Beijing, China’s political epicenter, in every aspect, including pollution. Starting Thursday, smog has shrouded Shanghai and nearby provinces, with PM2.5 readings shooting from 200 micrograms per cubic meter to as high as 700 at some air quality monitoring stations. As of 1 pm Friday, the average PM2.5 reading in Shanghai reached an off-the-charts level of 602.5; the PM10 reading reached 671, with the highest reading recorded at 726 in Putuo district.