Ostrich On The Loose Hit By Multiple Cars, Keeps Running Because It’s An Ostrich

An ostrich escaped from a zoo in Zhangzhou, Fujian province recently and proceeded to run, ostrich-like, against traffic. It knocked over a motorcyclist before twice being hit by cars. Each time, it picked itself up, shook off the cobwebs, and continued running, because it’s an ostrich.

The cop interviewed in the above video says they enlisted the help of the zoo to catch this bird, because “we’re inexperienced, we don’t know how to catch it.”

At least he was being honest.

The ostrich is in fine company, by the way. We’ve seen humans try to cross roads much less competently.


No, seriously.

(Okay, one more!)

Zhangzhou police eventually released the following hilarious map, which shows the ostrich ran at least six kilometers across four roads. Authorities corralled it and returned it to the zoo, where it was strutting about without any injuries the next day, giving zero fucks.

Ostrich crosses road

Look at it!

Ostrich crosses road 2

That zoo can expect an influx of visitors, we think. It has a new animal celebrity.

    5 Responses to “Ostrich On The Loose Hit By Multiple Cars, Keeps Running Because It’s An Ostrich”

    1. P.

      On the train from Beijing to Tianjin in mid-2006, I noticed that many of the one-level brick hovels that lined the tracks had ostriches tied up in the front yards. I couldn’t have been hallucinating because my pals also saw them.

      This kind of stuff, above anything else, is why I love China.

      • SeaHorse

        That’s because Ostriches are like turkeys in China. That’s why when I read the title I thought it escaped form a restaurant or something.


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