Here’s Video Of That Public Pooper In Shenzhen’s Subway Station

“No video this time,” we said on Tuesday about the latest public pooper in Shenzhen.

We were wrong.

Above, the video.

“Not only was this particular woman indiscriminate when it comes to choosing defecatory locations,” writes Shanghaiist’s James Griffiths, “she’s also lightning fast.” You would be too, eh?

Here’s the news report on this, because of course you want to know what other passengers think about the incident (they feel uncomfortable):

Youku vids of the above:

    3 Responses to “Here’s Video Of That Public Pooper In Shenzhen’s Subway Station”

    1. KalanStar

      Nothing like taking a shit on China I guess.

      If after 4000 years of “culture”, this is what you get, 4001 years ain’t worth waiting for…


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