Light Punishment Comes Down On Shanghai’s Highway Urinators, Netizens Not Happy

Six laowai take a leak in Shanghai

Remember the above? The picture appeared on Sina Weibo in March, with the accompanying message:

A group of laowai collectively pee on a Shanghai overpass, while smirking! [鄙视] Can only say __ doesn’t have national boundaries! Please fill in the blank!

The incident was investigated, with police eventually saying no punishment would come to the foreigners due to a lack of relevant laws.

Well, it turns out that’s not completely true. As reported by Shanghai Daily, two of the six foreigners pictured above have been fined — a whopping total of 100 yuan each. The ruling was historic:

It was the first time that foreigners were punished for urinating in public. Local rules state that urinating and defecating in public will incur fines of 100 and 200 yuan respectively.

Netizens aren’t amused.

“Finally I see punishment, but only 100 yuan for peeing on the elevated highway while parking in the wrong place costs 200?” questioned a Weibo user “bhzlittle.”

“They should be punished to clean the city’s elevated highways,” complained another.

Four of the six foreigners apparently have already left the country. They escaped the 100-rmb fine, equivalent to about one and a half cocktails in a posh bar.

The two who were caught were a Dane and a German.

In a final interesting twist, as noted by Eric Fish, People’s Daily reprinted a separate Shanghai Daily article on this incident, only changed “urinating” to “pissing.”

Two of the six foreigners who were caught pissing openly on an elevated highway indowntown Shanghai in March had been identified by authorities and fined 100 yuaneach, officials said today.

Interesting style guide they have over there. Update, 2:37 pm: Or maybe Shanghai Daily edited out “pissing” on the sly. There will be no further updates on this.

Netizens slam 100-yuan fine to 2 foreigners for peeing on road (Shanghai Daily)

    11 Responses to “Light Punishment Comes Down On Shanghai’s Highway Urinators, Netizens Not Happy”

    1. Markoff

      I hope they will be enforcing this law also against local people which are shitting or peeing in subway, supermarkets or any other place or this law become enforced only when it become viral? So I am expecting justice at least for shitting Shenzhen woman!

      • Amanda R.

        No joke! Why are people getting so mad when foreigners are actually fined. They were punished, what more do you want? Locals are defecating on brand new subways with no punishment at all. If anything this is blatant racism against foreigners since they were only fined because they are foreigners.

    2. narsfweasels

      Yeah, they were pretty harshly punished – some asshole backed into me on his bike, tearing my shirt – right in front of a policeman – and he just cycled off. Cop didn’t care.

    3. B

      Aren’t there any indecent exposure laws? That would be my main consideration – these guys exposed themselves on a busy freeway possibly in full view of children.

    4. Chackie Jan

      Law is too random. People shitting and pissing all over the place, nothing happens. Idiot driving all over the place. No wonder foreigners are starting to blend in. Pissing on the highway, nice attempt at integration. The other day a fucking moron was going way over the speed limit on his gay red scooter…driving in the wrong direction. I hope he got in a cuddling incident with a tree.

    5. MAC

      100 yuan seems to be a reasonable, locally-geared fine for public urination. Peeing While Foreign doesn’t warrant somehow handing out punishment that’s not on the books.

    6. Chinese Netizen

      Pissing in public on the side of roads and near the vicinity of gas stations when the toilets are full is quite common in Germany, based on my brief experience there. It’s not a big deal. Bus driver was an asshat for stopping the bus on the elevated highway!

      And as for the collective hurt feelings of my fine Chinese friends…well…go get a fcking life and look inwardly.


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