Maybe This Will Help Men Pee Better, But We Doubt It

Urinal pee restriction fine

In many places, urinals are more of an idea, an abstraction, than a physical thing. How else to explain, in many of the more derelict public facilities, the puddles of urine everywhere, the sticky floor, the rivulets of pee that flow in circles?

A city official in Shenzhen wants to change this. He wants people to pee into the goddamn receptacle, and he’s willing to make foolish proposals in order to get his point across. AFP reports that this unnamed official has proposed issuing 100 yuan fines for missing the mark. It’s an utterly unenforceable law that is all symbolic, nothing more, but it got us thinking: if people were made to become self-conscious about their business, would they improve? Would they be shamed into peeing better?

Shame works, right? Let’s see…

  • Counterpoint 1: Outrage After Tourists Caught Publicly Peeing In Beijing’s Summer Palace 
  • Counterpoint 2: Does Peeing In Public Fit With Galaxy Soho’s Architecture?
  • Counterpoint 3: This Woman In Macau Will Do Her Business On The Curb, And What Are You Gonna Do About It? Take A Picture?
  • Counterpoint 4: Man Casually Pees Off Beijing Subway Platform On A Monday Afternoon
  • Counterpoint 5, et al.: Man Pees Out Bus Window, Because It Beats The Alternative

The list goes on for a while. But what does social media think?

Urinal pee restriction fine 2

But… but…

Pissing boy urine monarch

Unrealistic expectation, much?

This, by the way, is a much better idea:

Urinal with fly sticker

See that dot (fly) in there? It gives people a target, and has been empirically proven to work.

Apple Daily has a skit about this, of course. It’s in Cantonese, but graphics like this speak for itself:

Urinal pee restriction fine 3

    One Response to “Maybe This Will Help Men Pee Better, But We Doubt It”

    1. Chinese Netizen

      Maybe the urinals should be designed like giant open heads & mouths of celebrities or personalities like Jackie Chan, Zhang Ziyi, Shinzo Abe or Jiang Zemin to get guys to make it in the ring?


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