Wheelchair Bomb In Henan Kills 1, Injures 9 Others

Here’s something you only see in awesome TV shows. On Sunday, a man in a wheelchair in Tanghe County, Henan province blew himself up in front of a large shoe store, injuring nine people around him (no life-threatening injuries). Authorities are still investigating. The official write-up that was released to several news outlets is asking people to not listen to any rumors.

Rumors such as these, perhaps, that totally obfuscate everything. According to Free More News:

Local government said it was an accident and denied any possibilities of terrorism.

It was also reported as a suicide bombing since the suspect was killed and pedestrians were wounded on a busy street. Witness said there was no blood at the scene, and it may not be an explosion. The police quickly blocked the scene and the details remained unclear.

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    1. narsfweasels

      “The official write-up that was released to several news outlets is asking people to not listen to any rumors.”

      That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t START any rumours:

      1: This man was attempting to make his way to the Henan Japanese consulate to express his patriotism when the Dark Forces of Imperliasm intercepted him and tried to turn him towards a busload of children. The Dalai Lama Clique, in conjunction with the splittest forces led by Rebiya Khadeer in Xinjiang supplied explosive materials to turn the wheelchair into a moving bomb. However, in an act of defiance against these would-be terrorists, the man Jun nHongJun, decided to kill himself instead of injuring any innocents. In coinclusion, Bo Xilai is guilty, Wen Jiabao hasn’t got any hidden money and China has 5000 years of history which automatically qualifies it for the biggest seat at the head of the table.

      2:…er… something about Li Gang…


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