Kofi Annan And Yuan Longping Win The 2012 Confucius Peace Prize

Great news, everyone. Kofi Annan and some Chinese scientist has won this year’s Confucius Peace Prize. Via Sina:

Media coverage says former United Nations secretary general Kofi Annan and Chinese agricultural scientist Yuan Longping will share this year’s Confucius Peace Prize, said its organiser, the China International Peace Studies Centre.

Awesome!! Hm.

As Shanghaiist’s James Griffiths notes:

Annan and Yuan are, admittedly, far more deserving recipients of an award for peace than 2011 Confucius Peace Prize winner Vladimir Putin (aka ‘the butcher of Chechnya’). It might seem like a waste of time to award a prize like this to two individuals working in completely different fields, but then again the 2012 Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to the European Union so apparently we’re not even pretending these things matter anymore.

    One Response to “Kofi Annan And Yuan Longping Win The 2012 Confucius Peace Prize”

    1. King Tubby

      James Griffiths is scribbling through his hat.

      I don’t know about the farmer Yuan, but Annan is a perfectly disgusting bureaucratic reptile who shames Africans generally. Rwanda. Rwanda.


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