Do Not Sexually Harass This Woman Wearing A See-Through Dress, Please

Shanghai Metro protest
But what is sexual harassment, really? Does leering count? How about intense leering? How about penetrative leering? What about sniffing? Impassioned sniffing? And while we’re on the subject… aggressive winking: yay or nay? Here’s what Shanghai Metro’s official Sina Weibo account, which posted the above picture last Wednesday, had to say about this (as translated... Read more »

Chinese News Team Reports On Rare Lingzhi Mushroom, Which Is Actually A Rubber Vagina

Sex mushroom
Shanghaiist has the story, as does the Beijinger. But damn it all if we’re letting a sex mushroom get through the day without ribbing it here. On June 17, Xi’an Up Close《西安零距离》aired a story about a “mushroom” that was found in Liucunbu village in Shaanxi province. The reporter, Ye Yunfeng, says at one point: “We can see here... Read more »

Hong Kong Speed Dating Founder Rachel Chan Defends Recent Event: “My Assistant Did The Flier. I Didn’t Approve It”

HK Speed Dating
Wall Street Journal recently interviewed the organizer of one more controversial speed dating events in recent memory, one in which ladies paid 4,800 HKD to spend an evening with “foreigners” (white men) who paid nothing. Here’s what Rachel Chan, founder of HK Speed Dating, had to say for herself: “When it comes to foreigners of... Read more »

Why Is The Sales Manager At A Chinese Government-Owned Trade Company Using (Former) Porn Star Sasha Grey As A Profile Picture?

LinkedIn, featuring Sasha Grey
This is the LinkedIn page (we think) of Wulan Pramita Sari, who identifies himself (we think it’s a him) as the “Sales & Marketing Manager at PT. China Zhejiang Intl Trade Center-Indonesia.” This is how the China Zhejiang International Trade Center describes itself: We are a multinational company of which belongs to China Government that has mission... Read more »

Cowgirl Sex Not Allowed On Cable Cars

The world has now been introduced to the “No Humping” pictogram. We readily acknowledge this China Daily story about a sign forbidding sex on the cable cars in Yao Mountain in Henan province is a bit dated (it’s from Friday), but that’s a damn fine pictogram. We also acknowledge that we can offer a better translation of... Read more »

This “Speed Dating” Event For Hong Kong Girls Seeking Rich Old Foreign Men Makes Everyone Look Bad

HK speed dating
Plenty of people nurse a healthy loathing of the “expat in Asia,” and in some instances, that antipathy is understandable, if not justified. (The image you want is of a mustachioed former mill owner, old and white, in Thailand. If you’d like to see some of these fellas here, try the bar Maggie’s.) Yet I’ve... Read more »