Cowgirl Sex Not Allowed On Cable Cars

The world has now been introduced to the “No Humping” pictogram.

We readily acknowledge this China Daily story about a sign forbidding sex on the cable cars in Yao Mountain in Henan province is a bit dated (it’s from Friday), but that’s a damn fine pictogram.

We also acknowledge that we can offer a better translation of the sign than the below, but Chinglish somehow seems fitting:

高空有风险 — there are risks high up in the air
爱爱需谨慎 — be cautious when you love
重点提醒90后 — focused on reminding those born after 1990
国家5A尧山景区宣 — national 5A Yao Mountain Scenery declared

(H/T Alicia, who also supplied the translation)

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