Remember The Bloodbath On Guangzhou Subway Yesterday? The Two Men Involved Are Now Totally Cool

Surely you’ll recall there was a disturbingly bloody subway fight yesterday in Guangzhou involving an elderly man getting the better of a younger combatant despite bleeding from the face. Would you believe, after getting mauled by the elderly man’s teeth, the other man, surnamed Wu, has apologized?

According to the newscast embedded after jump, the reporter says Wu wanted to apologize because apparently he cut in front of the elderly man, then “maliciously” blocked him from the seat. That — and who knows what sharp words — instigated the fight.

Guangzhou Subway’s public security department has also reported via Sina Weibo that the blood you see on the screen is from the old man’s nose. Thank goodness it was not — as might have reasonably be feared — the result of biting, which would have been some seriously messed up vampiric shit. Both men were sent to the hospital. (The same one, with the same waiting room? We can only hope.) Neither suffered serious injury. Guangzhou Subway authorities say the two both expressed regret for their actions, and their desire for mutual forgiveness. What a world.

Police let them both off with a warning.

(Someone put the video on YouTube, which I’ve embedded above. Be warned that it’s liable to get taken down at any instant, because I can’t see how it doesn’t violate that company’s draconian and randomly enforced “Community Policy.”)

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