A Short Video In Which Marbury Refers To Shanxi Fans In Classic Understatement

The above is taken from a BTV preview of tomorrow’s deciding Game 5 in Beijing. Sunday’s incident in Shanxi is only alluded to because everyone is already pretending it wasn’t a big deal. Asked about what Beijing’s fans will be like, Stephon Marbury proceeds to bumble through 12 seconds of an answer before finally giving in to the temptation to diss Shanxi’s fans, albeit gently. One sort of wishes he would’ve just come out and said they were pieces of shit, because they sure seemed like it. See full segment on Youku [plus an update: a note about BTV's caption] after the jump. 

(UPDATE, 3/14: I just noticed that BTV’s caption guy didn’t catch the intent behind Marbury’s remark. The translation reads, “Because our fans are unparalleled/one of a kind” [因为我们的球迷独一无二], when it really should have read, “Because our fans are unlike them” [因为我们的球迷不象别人]. But the point I’m making is: this might go toward my earlier point about BTV producers wanting to play down Sunday’s postgame storyline, lest we get a repeat of that sort of mayhem. In the coal dump of Taiyuan, unruly behavior is almost expected; in the nation’s capital, it’s unthinkable.)

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