This Could Be The Dirtiest Soccer Foul Of The Year, And It Happened In A U12 Game In Hong Kong

Via BadCanto, i.e. Dictionary of Politically Incorrect Hong Kong Chinese; Youku video for those in China after the jump

The team in white is Kitchee, and they’re good. They beat the team in purple, ESF, 16-0 earlier in the year, according to the Youtube video above. But apparently ESF lied about the score, saying they won 3-2 — a 17-goal swing vis-a-vis reality.

In the rematch, Kitchee went up 4-0 at halftime when things began to get testy. We’re not sure why five red cards hadn’t been handed out already (or who knows, maybe they were), but eventually this happened:

(1:36 mark in above video)

We repeat: this was an under-12 game. As you can imagine, lawyers ended up getting involved. Kitchee coach Ken Ng and movie director Alfred Cheung, whose son plays for Kitchee, received an order from an ESF lawyer demanding the video be taken down. Someone even reportedly showed up at Cheung’s door — even though he doesn’t own the video that appears above.

Then, because we live in the Internet age, the discussion turned into one about race, and we see online comments like:

Being bullied in your own place, Hongkonger is really sad. Besides locusts, even Westerners bully us together. We will be forced to tolerate this as well, f***.


It proofs that Hong Kong Westerners run amok like (Mainland Chinese) locusts do.

Don’t really know what to say. Ugh?


    5 Responses to “This Could Be The Dirtiest Soccer Foul Of The Year, And It Happened In A U12 Game In Hong Kong”

    1. Phlip Flop

      The team is sponsored by Tanner De Witt Solicitors, Hong Kong, I strongly recommend contacting them regarding the actions of the team and coach on:

      It is outrageous behaviour by both players and coach, he has clearly failed the players and taught then some pretty low moral standards.

      As someone who enjoyed a brief stint in Hong Kong (as a Gwailo) I am sad to see that this serves to reinforce the negative stereotype that accompanies foreigners in much that they do in Hong Kong – we aren’t all locusts.

    2. Lincoln

      Let’s skin all the whities alive and have a big marshmellow roast !!!!!!!!! yeeeeeeeeeeeeeehaw !!!! rabble rabble rabble rabble rabble.


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