Here’s City Weekend’s Promotional Video For Its Readers’ Choice Awards

Youku video for those in China after the jump

I’ll leave the bulk of the editorializing to you, the readers, but I do want to say this: the person who thought footage of expats and service industry professionals schmoozing on the rooftop of Migas could be enhanced by adding an Ashley Tisdale soundtrack was possibly mistaken.

Beijing’s Awards Season is the adult equivalent of a preschool field day in which paper plates emblazoned with words like “Super Citizenship Award” and “Star Performer!” and “Perfect Attendance” are handed out. You have a heavy duty, Beijingers. Go reward the children for their superlative job playing with trucks and not pooping in their pants.

    8 Responses to “Here’s City Weekend’s Promotional Video For Its Readers’ Choice Awards”

    1. Theodore in Tianjin

      Anthony, you are friggin funny man. Not just because what you say is profoundly true, but because you are probably the only person in China brave enough to humiliate all these expat mags and their silly, ingratiating, incestuous activities like said awards. But what happens when they turn their targets on you and try to shut down Beijing Cream? You should know that laowai don’t play well with each other.

    2. John

      That is one sad and underwhelming vibrator of a video they’ve created to pleasure their ego-swelled clits.


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