An Unfortunate, Fantastic Choice Of Typography

Via Reddit, here’s a movie poster for a Chinese rom-com called Love in the Buff, a sequel to Love in a Puff. While we eagerly await its sequel, Red-Bean Duff: Steamed-Bun Love, let us pause a second to muse over the brilliance of the lavender-pink font. It’s just so right, and full of spunk, encapsulating the movie’s theme and motif in one excellently packed punch.

Also, we can’t not embed this:

(H/T Kevin Collier)

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      • The Tao

        You’re right, not at all ideal; won’t make a habit of it. Movie only came out two months ago though. Let’s chalk this one up to: deserves wider dissemination?

    1. Sam Reeves

      I for one am glad you posted this, even if the film is a couple of months old as I was not aware of it.

      I dread to think how mortified I would be if I didn’t get the chance to see ‘love in the butt’.

      Strangely, the title seems familiar to me, I have a feeling I may have seen the movie before… or at least one with a similar title!

      Are you sure there’s not an English version called ‘Butt Lovers, the Resurrection Erection’? I don’t know, but it really seems to ring a bell.


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