Remembering Charles Hwa

Ed’s note: Our community is a little poorer today for the absence of Charles Hwa; below, one of his friends offers some words.

On Saturday 27 May 2012, Charles Hwa, Class President of the current graduating Tsinghua International MBA class, respected member of the Beijing start-up community, and dear friend to so many of us in Beijing, passed away tragically at the age of 33. Charles was playing basketball with friends in Chaoyang Park when he collapsed. Despite the best efforts of friends, medics and passers-by to give him CPR and revive him, Charles’ heart stopped and he did not regain consciousness. It was his 34th birthday this weekend coming.

It’s hard to find words to describe this tragedy. Charles was the most beautiful person, never angry, never unkind to anyone. He was always ready to help with a problem, and always had time for others. He was so smart, and generous, and caring, and we loved him. Charles, you touched our lives with your spirit and your kindness, and we will never forget you. It’s so hard to accept that you’ve left this world now, but you will live on with us in our memories always.

It’s impossible for us to know what happens after death, but at least we can be sure that whatever it is, wherever we go, Charles must be in a better place, because someone so special and always so good to all those around him couldn’t be somewhere bad.

Rest in peace Charles, you are in our prayers.

    5 Responses to “Remembering Charles Hwa”

    1. Bao-hung & Pat Chang

      Dear Charles (Hsiao-ray),please RIP,you will be missed by
      many many friends.We brag about your graduation from the
      prestige Walton School of Business at University of Pennsylvania.Do you remember the New Year parties at our
      house? Last time we saw you was at your sister’s wedding
      reception in Greenville.With deepest sympathy to your
      Love,uncle & Antie Chang of Easley,South Carolina

    2. Rayfil Wong

      So sorry to hear.

      I am an Asian American than plays bball 3 times a week.

      reminds me that life is so short and that we don’t know when our last days will be


    3. Aileen Liu

      Charles was a very kind person. He took on a lot of responsibilities during the time he was in the IMBA program to help improve the program and make our lives easier to manage with the crazy work load. He approached all problems in a very logical and wise manner. He was like the big brother of the group. I will miss you a lot.


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