This Chicken-Raping Puppy GIF Wins

This video, originally 10 minutes, first appeared about four years (full version on Youku after the jump), and possibly because of its length, it lived down to its viral potential. There was too much pictorial white noise, so that a punchy title such as “Dog Lures Chicken Into Love Den, Proceeds To Hump (Rape?) It” didn’t exactly convey all that was happening. The clip was also shown on several newscasts in China, resulting in it getting copied and disseminated through multiple channels across the Internets, effectively watering it down.

Alas, those problems are now gone, thanks to the following GIF, uncovered earlier today by Tea Leaf Nation:

In 10 seconds, we get a simple, complete story, with the comedic punch neatly packaged within a jack-in-the-box without any of the previous loose strings poking through. Horny pup humps mother hen, period. No unnecessary buildup. No need for discussing the implications of interspecies sex. No uncomfortable scene of that moment when the chicken suddenly realizes what is happening and begins to resist, followed by an awkward scramble around the yard while the randy quadruped waddles after it with teeth bared and hips gyrating. Because as you see in the video, that part is quite uncomfortable.

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