Yishus: The Aesthetics Of Chen Guangcheng

Chen Guangcheng may be leaving China soon, as passports are expected to be issued to his family “within 15 days,” he said, according to the Telegraph. At least one BJC contributor is sad to see him go.

By Lola B

For the past couple of weeks, scrolling through windows of China news, the only face staring at me that commands my attention has been that of Chen Guangcheng.

And you know what? There are worse things to come home to. Maybe it’s just me, or maybe it’s the sunglasses, but I find him irresistibly attractive. He can hide in my American embassy any day.

I’ve imagined him with whiskers rippling in the wind, slinking past guards, vaulting gracefully over walls, and sick and vulnerable in a Beijing hospital cot surrounded by guards. (And, yes, if it’s mentioned here, there’s probably a porn of it.) Rarely are Chinese dissidents so dashing.

And apparently I am not alone in thinking this. As a close friend confided, “I would imagine most blind guys are sexy. They are kinda mysterious because they wear glasses, and they know how to use their hands.”

As the Chen story winds down, I just want to take a moment to revel in his magnificence, and to imagine Chen Guangcheng melting Hu Jintao’s heart with his sensuous hands. Oh yeah, and he has nice lips. And great teeth.

Chelsea, another BJC reader, said, “The thing is that in every photo of him, he looks like a model.”

So run if you must, CGC. Would that I were your future advisor at NYU, spending long hours discussing gender issues and spending the weekends frolicking through the water spouting around Ai Weiwei’s animal-head fountain.

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    1. kirby

      I am crediting all of your fascination with his looks to photo-shop. I mean…..good teeth for a random Chinese guy in Shandong province….I don’t buy it….it’s got to be computer generated.


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