Middle School Students Beat Up Chengguan

Just as we were talking about chengguan, the Twitter feed of That’s Mandarin tipped us to a video “going viral right now” of more than a dozen middle school students in Zaozhuang, Shandong province beating up a chengguan, who are unofficially this country’s “city management officers” and more unofficially this country’s street thugs disguised as people with actual authority. The fight apparently began, according to the video title on 56.com (embedded after the jump for those in China), when the students saw the chengguan hurting an old man. No further information is available, but a fair number of commenters on 56.com and Youku have expressed support for the students’ actions.

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    1. Cameroon

      I always do that. Find the answer one second after I ask the question. It’s at the end of the video…


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