Dwyane Wade Tweeted Congratulations To Sun Yang (China’s Next Liu Xiang?)

Take note, Park Tae Hwan: this is how you congratulate someone for becoming his country’s first Olympic gold-medal winner in a sport.

Park, of course, said yesterday after Sun Yang’s Olympic record-setting win in the 400-meter freestyle: “I lost the race, but I am glad that it was an Asian who won. It is something we can all be proud of.”

No need to bring race into it, as international basketball superstar Dwyane Wade knows full well. Congrts to #SunYang will do just fine.

(H/T Alicia, who says Sun may be China’s next Liu Xiang)

    5 Responses to “Dwyane Wade Tweeted Congratulations To Sun Yang (China’s Next Liu Xiang?)”

    1. Jess

      Is there a non-Chinese source for that “glad it was an Asian who won” quote? I can only find one, but I’m pretty sure that that website took the quote from Xinhua anyway.

      Yonhap reports: “I am just disappointed I couldn’t win my second straight title. But I gave all I had and I’d like to congratulate Sun Yang for his win as a fellow Asian.”

      (Then again, Yonhap isn’t really much better than Xinhua).

    2. huoop

      Can imagine his speech “Thanks for the medal and I’d like to thank the many thousands of young infants with damaged bodies and parent’s that under face culture will see them as failures – that didn’t get to be on our team”


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