Guangdong Youth Fight Until The Weapons Comes Out, Whereupon They Chase

OK, to the best of my understanding, here’s what happens in this video posted a day or two ago but depicting an incident from July 6 in Zhuhai, Guangdong province:

The girl in pink is someone called a “jiutuo,” which translates to something like “drink prop”: one of those hired hands who lure men into bars before swindling them. These women usually work with male handlers who stay out of the way unless trouble arises.

Here’s trouble: on this night, the girl is caught redhanded by a shirtless man. She signals for backup, which comes in the form of a man in a black shirt at the 20-second mark, who approaches the shirtless man and tries a flying kick (not nearly as successful as this one). A second man in a dark shirt appears, waving a white towel as a weapon and being generally useless.

But wait! The shirtless man has backup too. At the 23-second mark, another guy flies into the fray, and somewhere in all this, the girl disappears. The fight completely breaks down into two pods as three more people enter the picture, and then people run, people chase, and people chase the chasers.

INTERLUDE: At the 36-second mark, a woman scurries out of someplace, picks up the towel, then drops it before brushing her hands, like, Ew, what have I just touched?

At the 44-second mark, the shirtless man swoops back in and picks up his shirt. He runs as if he’s being chased.

Oh, right, he is being chased, as we see at the 48-second mark. In fact, he’s being chased by someone who holds what could be a machete (it probably isn’t, but picture it with me). Others follow with bludgeons. Everyone watches.

And then the video loops back to the start.

That’s all. Enjoy. With music — lord knows why.

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