Olympics Countdown: Run, Liu Xiang, Run

This is an Olympics Countdown post. Sporadically, we’ll post Olympics- and/or England-related content ahead of this summer’s London Games.

The above picture (photoshopped, obviously) is making the rounds on Weibo, and why shouldn’t it be? Sports is an outlet for people here to release their pent-up emotions and express their frustrations (sometimes this is bad). In this instance, the hero from 2004, who shocked everyone by winning a gold medal in Athens, runs from a marauding policeman, because no one except the Party is sacrosanct. “You think just because you’re an Olympic champion you can outrun a truncheon cop?” a user asks.

But maybe we’re reading too much into it. Nice photoshopping, whomever.

(H/T That’s Mandarin)

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