The Party Is Apparently At Shuangjing Bridge [UDPATE: Video]

Just a half-naked foreigner directing traffic. Whatever.

He appears to belong to the soon-to-be famous party of four laowai at Shuangjing Bridge. Hmm… Party of Four Laowai. That has a certain ring to it, doesn’t it? What’s another way of saying “party of four”? Band of Four? Gathering of Four? Gaggle of Four? Gang…

More pictures of these guys (and girl) will be trickling in, I’m sure, so I’ll just keep appending them after the jump.

By the way, I think the rain just picked up.

UPDATE, 7/22, 12:29 pm: One of the people in the party (there were apparently five total, three Americans, one Spaniard and one French) got in touch with us and sent several more pictures, which appear after the jump. Also, there’s a video of them having a duck race. In case you’re wondering: these guys are, indeed, trending big time on Sina Weibo.

(H/T @sanverde, @MissXO)

From the partiers themselves:

Helping out

    13 Responses to “The Party Is Apparently At Shuangjing Bridge [UDPATE: Video]”

    1. A

      I’m sure they had fun at the time and it actually does look somewhat fun, but the area where there were some major flooding at Guangqumen (and you’ll see photos of submerged cars from that area all over the news now) is just right around the corner from Shuangjing, so in hindsight, all that partying was probably a little irresponsible. Also, they probably could have channeled some of that extra energy they had to help those in need instead, like some people stranded around that area or offer a helping hand to rescuers who are actually helping others …

      • Nick

        we did help….we pushed a car on the freeway that had stalled, prevent two accidents and helped some people carry bags across flooded areas

        • A

          Ah great. Coz from those photos that your friends and yourself sent to this site, aside from one photo, it doesn’t look like you guys did much to help. But then again, partying photos are always more fun to show than helping out photos. Glad you and your friends helped out somewhat.

          • Jay

            I think these guys took advantage of the rain and helped when they could… better than most I would say who stayed home and did come to anyone aid.


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