To Serve People: If Global Times Were A Real Newspaper…

Click to enlarge. After the jump, links to places where you can read these actual stories.

Taiwanese daughter pleads for Falun father, via The Epoch Times

Self-immolator dies after a month of agony, via Radio Free Asia

Blogger beat down draws Beijing’s finest, via Beijing Cream (in fairness to GT, they were on the story first)

China may be forced into into internet freedom by private companies, via Asian Correspondent

Netizens enraged over chained orphans, via The Telegraph

Human flesh search engines fight back in Shifang, via The Epoch Times

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    2 Responses to “To Serve People: If Global Times Were A Real Newspaper…”

    1. S

      If Beijing Cream were a real blog, Anthony Tao would publicly admit that his real name is Jonathan Kos-Read!

    2. Gino Capaletti

      If S were a real commenter, he/she would use their real name and post their phone number and address so we could confirm they are real.


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