No Fat Chicks, Says Collared Denim-Wearing Boy

Via Imgur, at the Bawangfen South bus stop near Dawanglu in Beijing.

Atari, yo. That’s the new old image of badass for the 2000s generation.

What’s that, that’s not the Atari logo? Fuck it, I’m a pimp. Gonna go back to reading this now.

(H/T Alicia) UPDATE: Picture by Natalie Litofsky!

    3 Responses to “No Fat Chicks, Says Collared Denim-Wearing Boy”

    1. Natalie

      Ha, apparently I made it big on the internet. This is my photo from my commute home last week. I popped it up on Twitter and I guess one of my friends found it Reddit-worthy. Spotting these gems is kind of my favorite pastime.


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