Are You An Overseas Foreigner Interested In Chinese Politics? This CPC Questionnaire Is For You

The political orgy known as the National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC) is forthcoming, and while we have no idea when it’ll actually arrive on its great white horse, the relevant organs have begun taking steps to ensure that the resulting lather is a nice white sheen that masks all the ticks and warts. As but a small part of the plan, apparently they’re interested in soliciting opinions from foreigners in the form of a survey in which “3000 winners” will be “selected out of the overseas participants.” Three thousand?! They will receive “exquisite prizes.” Like, an e-card from Blue Mountain?

All you have to do is fill out the following questionnaire and include your email address, which is how they’ll notify you if you win. This document appears to be in a draft stage (we can only hope), but I’ve preserved all the formatting except for a few indents on checkboxes that failed to copy over. (The CPC is too good for Survey Monkey, apparently.) Also, the source is redacted, but everything else remains the same. This is not satire. Welcome your participation!

十八大海外受众关注热点问题调查 Questionaire on the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC)


As many countries and regions hold leader elections in 2012, China, the largest developing country in the world, is also to see the leadership change at the 18th national congress of the ruling Communist Party of China (CPC) in October, where polices will be finalized for the development of the party and the nation in the next decade.


Exquisite prizes will be presented to 3000 winners selected out of the overseas participants in the “18th National Congress of the CPC” online survey held by [redacted]. Welcome your participation!

1.姓名:___________ (空白处请自行填写,以下同)
2. 性别:___________
4. 年龄:□35岁以下 □35-50岁 □50岁以上
5.教育程度:□高中及以下 □大学本科 □硕士 □博士
6. 电子邮箱:___________(中奖后将通过邮箱与您取得联系)

Personal Info.
1.Name; 2.Gender; 3.Nationality; 4. Age: Under 35, 35 – 50, Above 50; 5. Educational Background: High School or below, Bachelor, Master, Doctor; 6. Email Address: (We’ll contact winners through email.)

二,问题 Questions

□非常了解 □有所了解 □不了解 □没听说过
How much do you know about the CPC?
A lot, moderately, a little, nothing

□本国媒体 □中国媒体 □华人朋友 □其它___________
How did you learn about the CPC? (Multiple choices)
Domestic media, Chinese media, Chinese friends, Others______

□知道 □不知道
Do you know the 18th National Congress of the CPC opens this year?
Yes; No

What topics to be discussed during the session are you most interested in? (Multiple choices)
New party leadership;
The direction of China’s development under the guidance of the CPC;
Whether or not the CPC will adhere to a consistent policy and China can sustain a stable economic growth;
The meeting agenda and the work report to be published at the meeting;
Political construction;
Economic construction;
Cultural construction;
Social construction;
Ecological preservation;

□政治体制改革 □经济发展方式转变 □与周边国家关系 □台湾问题 □腐败问题 □贫富差距 □生态环境保护 □食品药品安全 □就业问题 □教育改革 □房价调控 □社会保障 □社会道德 □维持社会稳定 □其他¬¬___________
In your opinion, what are the biggest challenges to face the CPC? (Multiple choices)
Political system reform;
Growth pattern adjustment;
Diplomatic relations;
Taiwan question;
Wealth gap;
Environmental protection;
Food & drug safety;
Educational reform;
Property prices control;
Social security;
Public morality;
Social stability;

6. 您认为十八大后中国共产党领导下的中国将对世界产生什么影响?(可多选)
In your opinion, how will a CPC-led China influence the world after the meeting? (Multiple choices)
Continue to boost global economic growth;
Contribute to the world peace, promote international friendship and mutual cooperation;
Shoulder more international responsibilities, actively join in the cooperation to deal with sovereign debt crisis, climate change, nuclear safety, etc.;
Share its referential experience on development;
China’s development is a threat to others;

7. 您认为中国共产党领导下的中国哪些方面值得肯定?(可多选)
In your opinion, what achievements of the CPC-led China deserve recognition? (Multiple choices)
The practical political system with Chinese characteristics;
The economic feats achieved under the guidance of the CPC;
The nonintervention policy and the efforts for fairness and peace in the world;
The support for the development of the 3rd-world nations;
The efficiency in disaster relief;

Could you assess CPC’s ruling capacity? (Multiple choices)
Work out scientific and practical economic policies;
Pursue law-based ruling and unswervingly improve law system;
Focus on improving people’s livelihood and welfare;
Properly handle social conflicts and firmly defend the country’s sovereignty;
Need to improve ruling capacity;
Others ______

In your opinion, which is the most significant economic feat of the CPC after China’s reform took off?
Solve food problem for the 1.3 billion people and help more than 200 million out of poverty;
Maintain a consistent, fast and smooth economic growth in the past 30 years;
Build the country into an influential economy with the 2nd largest GDP in the world;
Improve the people’s living standard and increase the consumption level significantly;
Others _______

What are your expectations with the CPC? (Multiple choices)
Attach more importance to democracy in policymaking;
Enhance supervision against corruption;
Contribute more to the world peace;
Improve ability to overcome its own shortcomings and maintain a sound development in a long term;
Promote exchanges with foreign political parties, help the international community learn more about the CPC;


Thanks for your participation! You can write here any other topic you’re interested in about the 18th National Congress of the CPC.

    7 Responses to “Are You An Overseas Foreigner Interested In Chinese Politics? This CPC Questionnaire Is For You”

    1. Rik

      I would not mind to fill up this form and contribute in some way to the development of the country where I lived for the past few years…I have positive and of course negative opinions about China and I would really appreciate to give my point of view as far as it can be considered part of a “mind trust” to change (in better of course!) the country….but China taught me that nothing is as it seems to be and this kind of “please, be free to share your democratic opinion about our leadership” thing reminds me too much what happened between May 1956 and June 1957 (百花齐放百家争鸣), when people were asked to “freely” share their opinions on the leadership in order to improve the democratic development among the party….the consequences were not democratic at all…


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