Here’s A Rhinestone Cap-Donning Minor Nourishing His Inner Alcoholic

Pictured: child learns the valuable life lesson that one should never let the world get you down, because that’s alcohol’s job.

Via Carl Setzer, the authoritarian brewmaster of Great Leap Brewing (winner of the BJC Bar and Club Award for “Place in Which You’re Most Likely to Hear the Phrase ‘You’ve Probably Never Heard of Them’”) and firm follower of the American Dream, this kid is obviously much too cool for everyone in his age bracket. Those sharks on his shirt say ALPHA. That rhinestone trucker’s hat says GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY BUBBLE. And the beer in the sample-sized plastic cup he’s quaffing says “I have no idea why my parents just handed this to me but if you were me you’d inspire neither parental responsibility nor care, either.”

This apparently happened on Saturday at the China International Beer Fest in Dalian. Setzer, who’s seen in the picture giving the double thumbs-up, tells us via email:

Kid was taken to every tent by his mom and dad and heard we were doing samplers and brought him by. There were hundreds of families doing the same thing. About 80,000 people walked through the event a day, so it was funny to see how many kids were drinking. I asked some of the parents and they just said “啤酒不是酒” (Ed’s note: “Beer isn’t alcohol”). We just laughed.

When in Rome.

Kid: you’re a-OK.

    5 Responses to “Here’s A Rhinestone Cap-Donning Minor Nourishing His Inner Alcoholic”

    1. Jo

      That is fucked up. If the irresponsible parents are too stupid to stop their children from drinking, perhaps the “authoritarian brewmaster” should have been a grown-up and refused to serve alcohol to minors. When in Rome be a complete douche. Good job, Carl Setzer.

      • E

        I’d say you should say that to his face but his hours of operation now seem to be 2:30 PM to 3:15 PM every 3rd Wednesday of the month but only when it’s sunny. But make sure to make a reservation because otherwise they might not let you in to try some of his warm beer served in a plastic cup.

        • Jo

          Yeah but he has a really hip beard and a super hipster courtyard so he can do what he wants and you WILL buy his warm and overpriced beer at whatever damn time he tells you to.


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