Tense Standoff Between Chinese Officer And Knife-Wielding Man Ends About As Well As It Could

In Shenzhen on Wednesday afternoon, a man with a dangerous-looking knife took to the streets in obvious agitation. According to reports, he was ready to assault a woman when a cop nearby intervened, firing a warning shot to get the man’s full attention. (We’re not sure when Chinese cops began carrying firearms, but perhaps this is a Shenzhen thing.) In this video, you see the cop and the knife-wielding man at an impasse. The knife man demands of the cop, “Why do you have a gun?” The two both ask the other to drop his weapon. And then, while the discussion continues, you see a plainclothes man in the background pick up a steel rod, as if he wants to… well, go see for yourself. The best part is, after all’s said and done, there is no superfluous brutality. Youku video for those in China after the jump.

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