Attention Overseas Foreigners: You’re Eligible To Win Something By Filling Out This Survey About The CPC’s National Congress

Last month we brought you a draft version of a rather incredible survey called the “Questionaire on the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC)” [sic]. We were told that “exquisite prizes will be presented to 3000 winners selected out of the overseas participants,” which seemed absurd. Were they expecting 10,000 respondents? Even so, that would mean 30 percent of entrants would get an “exquisite prize,” and really, how exquisite can the prize be then, huh? Readers who wondered whether the questionnaire was satire — even after we offered assurances that it was not — were justified in their skepticism.

Wonder no more. By going here and giving up some identifying info and completing the survey, you are eligible to be one of 3,000 people who wins “fine prizes.” Held by China Radio International and CIBN, the survey seems straightforward enough, though the questions are often leading, such as:

In your opinion, how will a CPC-led China influence the world after the meeting?

That’s to be expected though. It’s their party, they can do whatever they want. And they can invite whomever as well, such as the people below, who have left comments on the CRI site:

Name: Jeffy M. Sumilhig    Time: 2012-9-7 20:15:23

I know the point that China will be the most powerful country in the world when it comes to economic policies. China is the second economical power in the world. So China needs new leadership for future. So the 18th National Congress of CPC is very important for China. hope they will settle the Islands of the South China Sea conflicts to have full understanding towards world peace. Thank you very much and have a great day!!

I have nothing to say to you, Jeffy. It’s because your name is Jeffy. No offense.

Name: A. K. M. Nuruzzaman    Time: 2012-9-7 14:54:10

Hello Friends,
My heartiest greetings and best of luck of the 18th National Congress of the CPC.Best regards,
A. K. M. Nuruzzaman
Friends Online DX Association
J-12 Seroil, Ghoramara
Rajshahi – 6100


Name: mogire machuki    Time: 2012-9-6 21:32:47
hi CRI ,

greetings from kenya.

Thanks for a such wonderful and enchanting survey.
I would like toknow whether you have received my filled survey since i have had problems sending it via internet. I would love to redo it if possible.


Name: Sultan Mahmud    Time: 2012-9-6 1:55:24

I hope “18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC)” be successful.
From: Sultan Mahmud Sarker
Shetu Radio Fan Club
Po. Fetgram
Ps. Manda
Dist. Naogaon-6511


Name: John James B.    Time: 2012-9-5 18:36:55

This is to show that China is not only an economic example, but also political.

BJC will, of course, provide all the coverage you could possibly stand without killing yourself of the CPC National Congress when it actually happens. No idea when it’ll be. Stay tuned.

    3 Responses to “Attention Overseas Foreigners: You’re Eligible To Win Something By Filling Out This Survey About The CPC’s National Congress”

    1. narsfweasels

      I have heard, through various sources, that Gu Kailai’s two year suspended death sentence will be served by her during CCP Congresses and General Party Meetings, albeit under the following caveats:

      1: She will NOT be allowed to wear any luxury brand clothes, handbags or shoes.

      2: She will be given two litres of coffee prior to the opening of each meeting to ensure the impossibility of sleep.

      3: All sharp implements will be kept away from her to prevent suicide attempts or mock-suicide attempts to get out of the meeting for a few hours.

      My friends in Human Rights Watch are calling it “Cruel and unusual punishment akin to torture” and her treatment will be the cornerstone of their next publication on the situation in China.

    2. Rik

      Re-Post: I would not mind to fill up this form and contribute in some way to the development of the country where I lived for the past few years…I have positive and of course negative opinions about China and I would really appreciate to give my point of view as far as it can be considered part of a “mind trust” to change (in better of course!) the country….but China taught me that nothing is as it seems to be and this kind of “please, be free to share your democratic opinion about our leadership” thing reminds me too much what happened between May 1956 and June 1957 (百花齐放百家争鸣), when people were asked to “freely” share their opinions on the leadership in order to improve the democratic development among the party….the consequences were not democratic at all…


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