Interview With Aircraft Carrier Liaoning Captain Zhang Zheng

China has been proudly showing off its new toy, the aircraft carrier Liaoning, for several days now. The above is an interview conducted by CCTV-9 with Liaoning’s captain, a senior colonel of the PLA navy named Zhang Zheng.

The man makes a good impression. As Bill of Sinocism notes, “When will a US Admiral speak Chinese as well as this Chinese Admiral speaks English?” Ku6 video for those in China after the jump.

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      • Pyrrhic Victor

        PLANAF has a few carrier-sized landing strips down south that they’ve been training pilots on for the past few years. China bought a handful of Su-33s of the Russians some years ago and have been practicing with them since. There’s still a lot of work to do before the carrier is fully operational.

        • SnSldr

          The plane would be the J-15, whose airframe is based on the SU-33 but fundamentally uses very different technologies inside. Some of the features that makes it different from the Flanker are its AESA radar, WS-10 engines, ability to conduct IR scanning, MAWS, and a much more powerful processing computer. It’s also interesting to note that the airframe also sports a greater amount of RAM for increased stealthiness and more composites.

    1. Nick

      US admirals don’t speak Mandarin because it isn’t taught in US schools as a second language, as English is in China. Not that hard to figure out…
      Will US admirals learn Mandarin in the face of a growing Chinese navy? Probably not…they just need a few select Mandarin-speaking crewmen on each ship.
      The dominant language spoken in the world is that spoken by the most powerful imperialistic nation at the time: In the past, Greek and Latin, then English with that greatest of empires, the British Empire, and now English still with the US in the lead.

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      Hello Beijingcream,
      I just stumbled across this and, Every time you hear soldiers interviews they talk about how “cowardly” IED’s(improvised explosive device) are and how the enemy doesn’t fight fair. My question is what makes an IED any worse than the predator drone that drop bombs on villages or the billions americans invest in cruise missiles and aircraft. The insurgents just fight with what they have. It takes more guts to strap a bomb to your chest and give yourself to the cause than to roll around in an Abrams tank or armored personnel carriers.
      Catch you again soon!


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