A Film To Get Drunk With: Due West: Our 3D Sex Journey

Quoting what appears to be an official film synopsis:

Due West: Our Sex Journey describes the internal struggle of a young person seeking “love” and “lust” in contemporary society of Hong Kong.  The film reflects the reason why men head North to Mainland to seek pleasure and the general problems exist among Hong Kong girls. It also focuses on the intricate conflict of the two-sided coin of love – affection and lust.

Embedded is the trailer for Due West, which is scheduled for release on Thursday at select theaters (doubtful you’ll find it in mainland cinemas, but it’s sure to surface at your local DVD shop in due time). We haven’t ascertained whether this film is soft porn with plot or romantic comedy with lots of sex, but either way, it could make for a ridiculous drinking game. Youku video for those in China after the jump.

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