Party Official Kicks Woman While His Goons And A Young Child Watch

Before we get into the who-what-when-where-why of this, just a simple question: how can a man ever bring himself to kick a woman half his size multiple times in broad daylight while she’s already surrounded by the man’s goons and has a young child standing next to her? There’s something wrong here. There’s something deficient in the man’s character, to say nothing of his brain. I understand that petitioners can be annoying, and this woman technically was trespassing, but surely there’s a better response than kicking her several times like you’re some MMA wannabe?

That this assailant in Binzhou, Shandong province happens to be Botou Town of Zhanhua County’s deputy secretary, surnamed Liu, almost seems immaterial. Of course, it’s quite relevant — when netizens made this connection, they called these men ruffians, hooligans, general nitwits, and @石在有李 noted, “Today’s Party members only hit people. After winning the fight, the people will support them, then people will listen to what they say.” That’s a withering rebuke.

We don’t really need to review the egregious abuses of power by Chinese officials — we will briefly: here’s the “My family runs the Public Security Bureau” guy, and here’s the deputy police chief in Yunnan intentionally wrecking someone on the road — but suffice to say, perhaps Party members should exercise more caution when dealing with people? You know all camera phones have recording ability nowadays, right? And whatever happened to using words to settle disputes?

The woman was at the government building’s front steps to complain about the excessive fines levied against her and two other girls for allegedly picking flowers out of the town government’s courtyard. The electricity to her home was also apparently cut, which is bizarre. Did she take a Babylon’s worth of flora?

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    1. don

      There is a poignant scene in “The Godfather, Part II” where the adult Don Corleone/Vito Andolini (played by a young Robert DeNiro) goes back to his hometown of Corleone, Sicily to pay his respects to the aging local mob boss Don Ciccio. Vito whispers into the old man’s ear, “My father’s name was Antonio Andolini… and this is for you,” as he proceeds to gut the old geezer who killed young Vito’s dad, brother and mother.

      Karma awaits you, Mr. Deputy Secretary.


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