American In Jiangxi Plays Traffic Cop, Doesn’t Seem Like An Asshole

I don’t know, it could be that our “American friend,” named Jared, is a total asshole. But he sure looks friendly. Look at him assisting the old lady with a cane. And after the jump, check him out doing hand gestures as if drivers actually follow them. (Maybe they follow a foreigner’s directions?) Everyone is so happy with a white face around. Jingde, Jiangxi province’s Pearl Hill Road will never be the same.

Update, 10:30 am: A video is now available, on YouTube and Youku after the jump. “I think it’d be interesting to see, again, how they pull somebody over and why,” Jared says. “Some of the reasons for it.” We would like to introduce him to the tag “The Road” on this site.

Apologies for the intrusive watermarking. really doesn’t want you using its pictures.

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    1. Joan

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