Associated Press Films A PC Desktop Playing Ai Weiwei’s Gangnam Parody, Washington Post Labels It “Raw Video”

We have officially just seen what happens when a 120-year-old man time travels from the 1910s to the 2010s and is told to “put that Ai Weiwei Gangnam video on the Internet.”

His head doesn’t explode, but we wish it did. Look at the above. Just look at it as you would a Millie Brown art exhibition of vomit and bodily goo. “Raw Video,” Washington Post calls it in its headline.

If this didn’t bum me out so much about media’s prospects, I’d type 100 “ha’s” and leave it at that.

The worst part? It fucking autoplays. See it after the jump.

    3 Responses to “Associated Press Films A PC Desktop Playing Ai Weiwei’s Gangnam Parody, Washington Post Labels It “Raw Video””

    1. DubMe

      …sometimes I don’t know if the “Chinese Media” or the “Western Media” is worse… The “Chinese Media” surely makes it easier to recognize the bullsh#t and censorship. But then again… who is not picking up on the bullsh#t the “Western Media” is constantly serving us… ahhh, well goodbye sir!

      Anyway… the great German “Spiegel” has also been picking up this truly great story… titling it “Ai Weiweis Gangnam-Style: China censors Horse Dance” – Perfect! The main message which is “China + Censor”, again got cemented in the heads of the poor “western” audience (which on the contrary makes all the sh#t that is happening in Europe these days look like paradise – lets not talk about Greece – what about Spain – “Police protection or citizen censorship? Spain to ban photos and videos of cops”:

      …preparing for another civil war?

      But back to Ai WeiWei now. I might not be the biggest fan of all his art (I do like the birdnest stadium) – but I surely respect him for raising awareness of the school children who died in so-called “tofu-skin schools” during the Sichuan Earthquake or other social injustices in China…

      But then again – the “free Western Media” don’t really care about these social injustices – or even changing them to the better – they probably also don’t give a sh#t about Ai WeiWei – just for the moment he is a good tool to bring their messages across. If I would be a chinese person who cares about China, trying to raise social awareness to problems and injustices – I would try the f*** not to be associated with the “Western Press”, having words like “democracy” linked to my name, being called a “dissident” and other similar “Newspeak” words…

      Well, now call me a wumao!

      Cheers ;-)


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